The Future of Influencer Marketing – A Gem in the Digital Marketing Landscape

The Content Team 4 years ago

Companies from around the world are getting aware of the potential of influencer marketing as an active part of their marketing structure. It doesn’t come as a surprise looking at the sheer reach and capability of influencer marketing in the digital ecosystem. The effective inculcation of influencer marketing into the marketing plan has an array of benefits. Through Influencer Marketing a company can disseminate credible information about their product or service through the medium of a social media influencer. Also, it helps in reaching potential buyers in a very organic way. From generating revenue through increased brand awareness to an increase in quality traffic, influencer marketing offers a comprehensive solution to all the marketing needs.

The Growth of Influencer Marketing Revolves Around the Following Verticals:

Social Media Traffic: Social media is an ever-evolving platform. The evolution and reach have contributed to more people getting involved including the addition of various influencers as well as analysts.

Increased spending: Due to the continual evolution and expansion of social media platforms the marketers have started spending magnum amounts on influencer marketing to get the most organic result possible. The power of influencer marketing has been duly acknowledged and organizations have inculcated it as a part of their marketing plan. If numbers are to be believed, the research estimates the total spending on influencer marketing to reach a whopping $10 billion by 2020 (Adweek). It currently sits at $6.3 billion in 2018.

The Future – A Marketer’s Perspective

Influencer marketing is a concept that holds a bright future with the emergence and development of an array of new tools and features. Marketers would be able to benefit and be able to build the perfect marketing campaign with the help of the following:

Advanced Tools: The emergence of advanced tools allow marketers to identify the influencers in accordance with the target market and would also help in identifying and assessing the data acquired of the influencers. Real-Time Insight into the influencers’ amount of followers and activity would help in the selection of the right influencer for the job.

Analysts vs. Influencers: It would also help in differentiating analysts from influencers and also provide proper alignment of the motives and gist of the company with the prospect influencer. This collectively contributes towards much better decisions and curating far better campaigns

Long Term Partnerships: The idea of long-term partnerships with influencers in place of one time activations would yield much better results. It is something that should be effectively executed for maximum efficacy and a fruitful long term relationship. Working with influencers on more than three posts and over two campaigns helps in getting much better engagements which contributes to a much better overall impact.

The aforementioned would help organizations deal with the various present as well as future challenges at the operational level of their influencer marketing endeavors. Whitevox effectively bridges that gap of organizations missing out on any integral ground by providing an overall solution that incorporates everything seamlessly.

Therefore, Influencer marketing is an effective addition as a working part in an organization’s marketing strategy. It contributes to increasing the overall brand awareness and disseminating credible information that is well received by potential customers. The future is bright with an array of emerging features and tools that will enhance the entire landscape and call for even better and impactful marketing campaigns.

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