Why Microblogging is an Effective Addition to your Marketing Plan

The Content Team 4 years ago

Microblogging is a great way to reach your audience, knowing that most of us are constantly checking our emails, social media and text messages. Let us find out about this aspect that can help you achieve great marketing results for your brand.

Once you have an engaging microblog in place, the choice of right influencers to carry it forward can be the game-changer. Influencer A might be top and trending in a domain, however, you will still need to see his or her fitment to your brand. There is a popular saying in influencer marketing that “it’s not a standard shoe that will fit all”.

Microblogging appeals to people as it is an easy way to connect with the like-minded and indulge in personal and business branding. Here, your selection of keywords plays a big role in determining its appeal to your audience.

Moreover, microblogging is time and effort efficient. It allows for the opportunity to share urgent or time-sensitive information, such as flash sales or limited offer within minutes. They are also great for engaging and communicating with customers and followers, with options of commenting, sharing, liking, reblogging, retweeting, etc.

Hootsuite barometer study suggests that 84% of businesses use Twitter. Almost 85% of small-and-medium businesses with Twitter accounts say it is important for customer service.

Micro-blogging offers access to sentiment indicators, provide a reaction towards the launched product which helps in quick decision-making. Many brands are using social media platforms as a medium to sell their products and as a result, they are able to engage with their audience and gauge their reactions swiftly.

A study conducted by Jansen et al. concluded that branding and product tweets posted by the customers were divided into four different purposes; sentiments on the brand, information regarding the brand, information providing a brand, and the use of a brand in a tweet where the brand was not the main focus.

In a nutshell, microblogging is a great influence on your marketing. Whitevox understands the different aspects of microblogging and can help you prepare an effective strategy custom-made for your brand.

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