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Our collaborations create 360° circles of social influence

How do you know which influencer works for your brand, where do you find them and how do you negotiate the best terms for your brand? Navigating this ecosystem can be confusing and time-consuming. This is where WhiteVox, as an influencer marketing agency, can help you.

We ensure that your brand is matched to the influencer who can best amplify your message. When it comes to social media influencer marketing, the key element is credibility. It’s not about how many followers the influencer has but how credible he or she is. Moreover, whether or not the influencer has the target audience for the brand’s message or product.

Like everything else in digital space, data plays an important role while drafting an influencer marketing strategy. We shortlist the right influencers based on a variety of metrics – followers, clicks and shares, in-depth analysis of their posts and blogs etc. In a nutshell, a lot goes into vetting influencers thoroughly.

We provide influencer engagement across a wide spectrum such as technology, lifestyle, fashion, sport, news and auto across all social media platforms. Our influencer marketing services include domestic and international bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers.

Influencer Engagement Services

Bloggers are the journalists of the digital age. Across the world, people turn to their favorite blogs to stay updated on anything that interests them. We work within the blogger community to ensure that our clients and their offerings get coverage from industry or niche specific bloggers.

From fresh fashions to the latest tech toy – people spend hours researching and comparing reviews before opening their wallets. In this landscape, collaborating with Influencers is a MUST. We ensure you identify and work with the Influencer that can get your brand maximum exposure.

Video content is becoming increasingly popular, and with it, vlogging (video blogging) has also seen a massive rise in viewership. Some Vloggers have a larger fan base than most movie celebrities! We have been in touch with vlogging communities since its infancy and we know exactly how brands can tap into their authenticity and fan base.

Whitevox Digital Marketing services

Influencer Engagement – Our way, our philosophy

The power of social influence is undeniable – 92% of people on social media trust recommendations of Influencers they follow! With so many social movers and shakers, it is critical for us to get the right influencer fit for the brand – the message has to fit in with the Influencer’s style and vice versa – only then can the Influencer Marketing strategy gain results.

Our Principles

  • Matching the Client to the most relevant and relatable Influencers.
  • Ensure measurable ROI.
  • Create campaigns that work for both the brand and the influencer.

We can be your most reliable partner as an influencer marketing company that will take your brand promotion to a new level.

Influencer Market – $500 onward

Whitevox Digital Marketing services