8 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid in E-commerce Web Design

The Content Team 2 years ago
Joining the e-commerce bandwagon in this fiercely competitive digital marketplace is a daunting experience as you not only have to make your website stand out from others but also compel your customers to buy from you. Given the high stakes involved, designing an aesthetically pleasing website that delivers a great user experience to your customers is imperative. However, the journey of designing an e-commerce website is not a smooth one. That's why it is vital to hire a good web design and development company that can help you from falling into common web design pitfalls. Wondering what design mistakes should you avoid? Don't worry! Here are the eight crucial design mistakes that every e-commerce company must avoid at all costs.  

1. Missing Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is an important web design principle that refers to ranking graphic elements in order of their visual importance. By creating a visual hierarchy, you can direct your visitors to navigate through the important parts of your website without making them feel overwhelmed. The key here is to be mindful when using different font sizes and color schemes for your website.  

2. Responsive Design

Incorporating the mobile-first approach can provide a satisfactory shopping experience to users. With increasing mobile users in the digital market, it has become imperative to have a website layout that adjusts according to the user's device screen.  

3. Poor User Experience

User experience (UX) is an important factor in web design as it decides the fate of your website engagement and conversion rate. Your e-commerce website should have a good combination of functionality and aesthetics so that users can smoothly navigate through the website. If your website has complex navigation, then the users will end up hitting the back button.  

4. Lack of Call-to-Action (CTA)

Placing call-to-action (CTA) is highly crucial to converting visitors into customers. Adding compelling CTAs will encourage the users to take the desired action. A web design and development company can make CTA buttons stand out by incorporating them in contrasting colors.  

5. Substandard Product Description

Just adding products to your website won't make them sell; make sure to add precise and correct product descriptions so that people can easily avail all the information regarding the product. Always make sure to provide informative product descriptions so that your visitors can easily make their buying decision.

6. Low-Quality Product Images

To run a successful e-commerce business, always add high-resolution product images so your potential customers can view the product's color, pattern, and quality with a glance. Hiring a good web design and development company can also help you incorporate a 360-degree product view functionality to lure your customers into buying the product.  

7. Confusing Checkout Process

A lengthy and complicated checkout process may result in cart abandonment. Be sure to optimize the checkout journey and place a security logo so people feel safe when entering their card details.  

8. Lack of Trust Elements

Displaying trust signals on your e-commerce site is pivotal as it will help enhance visitors' trust in your website. From adding customer testimonials, trust badges to embedded star ratings and the about us page, you should add as many trust signals to your website as possible.


Wrapping it up, we can say that these are a few e-commerce web design pitfalls that one must avoid succumbing to. It is always a good idea to rely on a web design and development company to get a comprehensive solution for your website.
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