• 73Pieces of earned coverage
  • 6,000+Unique visitors in just 3 months
  • 20M+Eyeballs reached
OUR CHALLENGE Rebuilding brand visibility

Photography came to Whitevox on the back of a significant manual action penalty. The Appliances Online brand had been hit hard by Google, and an extensive disavow campaign left previous domain lacking any credible link equity.

Having moved to Photography, the client needed to regain search visibility and build awareness of the new brand. However, following previous events, the client was incredibly tentative towards any form of outreach or link acquisition activity.


It was therefore vital that we not only developed a content marketing strategy that achieved natural backlinks but also earned coverage in high authority and targeted publications, and allayed the client’s reservations about content outreach activity.

OUR SOLUTION Rebuilding brand visibility

A complete content marketing solution that would capture the imagination of the public and the media on one of Britain’s biggest consumer issues. The client’s strength in kitchen appliances, we believed, meant that it could make a meaningful contribution to a growing discussion in the media around food shopping and waste.

We would discuss various issues relating to food waste and reducing household spending on food, with the aim of engaging new audiences and encouraging them to make the most from their weekly food budget.

Our campaign would include a wealth of useful content ideas to engage publishers and online influencers, increase exposure of the brand and build natural links.

OUR RESULTS Earning coverage and increasing visibility

In total, more than 75 pieces of high quality, engaging content were produced for the Photography Food Waste campaign.

This content helped to secure 73 pieces of high quality earned coverage. This coverage was a crucial factor in regaining link equity for a brand that had previously gone through an extensive disavow process, which had left it with a very small backlink profile.


Our efforts helped the brand to improve SEO visibility and drive traffic to the site, and the quality of these placements also helped to raise awareness of the brand. In total, we achieved more than 80 content placements, which achieved an average Trust Flow of 29 and a Citation Flow of 25 – well ahead of target.

“A really good agency. Good account management, good feedback loops and they do what they said they would do.” Martin, Photographer
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