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Digital PR Services

Old-school PR skills dressed for the new-age digital stage

Conventional PR tradecraft is all about understanding the publication’s needs and building and using relationships in the media. And when it comes to the digital space these capabilities are still critical for making campaigns successful.

Along with strong media relationships, our Digital PR team has an intimate knowledge of Influencer Marketing and Media Placement. We have nurtured long-standing relationships with social influencers who people listen to and trust.

Put simply, as an experienced digital PR agency we make sure that your brand’s message is heard, seen and shared by the right people..

Digital PR Services

To run a successful business, you have to reach customers where they are; there is no point undertaking expensive PR campaigns that don’t end up reaching your target audience. At Whitevox, user targeting is the starting point for all our PR activities. Whether your audience is spread across the globe or is only in a small town – our PR outreach connects with them on their favored platforms and in their language.

Our press release creation follows an SEO oriented approach. On the digital platform press releases are searchable forever, and with SEO optimization they not only publicise your product, service or brand but also become a powerful SEO tool.

If you would like to keep your content creation in-house, then we can help you get started in the right direction. With hundreds of diverse clients, we have successfully created and marketed all kinds of content format across a variety of industries. You can use our expertise to get a content plan that you can execute on your own.


The press has moved online and with it, the traditional ways of doing PR has also moved into the digital arena. With long-standing relationships with a wide range of online publishers, we ensure that your brand’s message gets the eyeballs it needs.

Good PR starts and ends with relationships. Sure, putting in time and money in PR is important, but if you don’t have the right contacts within the media industry, it could all be in vain. As early entrants in the digital world, we have long-standing partnerships with media agencies across the entire digital spectrum – from newbie vloggers to decades-old news giants.

To reach a geographically-clustered consumer base, it is vital to undertake a more focused and regional PR approach. We understand this and build client PR strategies keeping in mind the importance of fully utilizing the power and reach of regional media companies.

While a big publication can get you the eyeballs, the real conversions come from the smaller industry-specific blogs, podcasts or social media groups. With decades of experience in marketing in the digital world, we can find just the right platform to place your brand or product.

Successful PR is not a standalone process. It is an ongoing process that aligns with the broader marketing strategy of the business. For our clients, we create long-term PR strategies that allow you to communicate your brand’s message strategically to draw in your target audience.

Influencer marketing is now mainstream! But how do you identify the best Influencer for your brand? How do you go about collaborating with them and how do you ensure you get your money’s worth? Leave it to us; we have done this a thousand times!

Whitevox Digital Marketing services

Digital PR – Our way, Our philosophy

Our digital PR services are laser-focused. Keeping in mind diverse nature of the global population, we concentrate on getting regional, multilingual and niche placements. The goal of our social media PR service is to create multiple touch points with target audiences with bespoke content campaigns.

Our Principles

  • Quality over quantity – the content must be served to the right audience.
  • PR is a two-way street – we must provide interesting and valuable content that works for the media as well.
  • Communication and collaboration is the cornerstone of our PR efforts.
Digital PR Services