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Digital Design Services

Designs for the Digital world

People like to look at pretty things. Period. But businesses need to sell stuff. We as your go-to digital design agency marry the two – using stunning visual creations to market and position brands. We understand that designs are part of a larger digital strategy and must fulfil the client’s marketing target. Our digital design services are second to none that will project outstanding brand image of your business.

At WhiteVox, we have an equal measure of creative-arty types and strategy wallas and this helps us provide a beautifully balanced crew for each campaign – using our creative and strategic expertise to grow brands and businesses. As an experienced graphic design company, we provide the best digital design service that will project your brand in the most impressive way.

Digital Design Services

We help you create a buzz around your brand by presenting your business and offerings innovatively with our colorful and creative Infographics.

The most memorable user experiences flow both ways. Our design team doesn’t just create websites they create experiences; the sites we build are not just a medium to provide information, we make interactive content that involves the user and takes them on a journey.

Harnessing data can help you plot your future course of action. However, it’s hard to make sense of plain numbers and complicated excel sheets. We code and map your BIG DATA into easy-to-understand and visually appealing visualizations – so that just one glance is enough to give you all the information you need.

Let’s move beyond videos that send out information only one-way; empower viewers by letting them choose how they want to view video content. We ideate, produce and create 360° interactive experiences that keep the viewers glued to brand videos.

Your brand’s packaging is your biggest and most enduring advertising tool. It is everywhere – from supermarket shelves to TVCs and Advertisements to billboards. With so much riding on it, you can’t afford to get it wrong! The very best of our advertising and design talent comes together to ensure that you get the best skin for your product.

eBooks are a surefire way to establish your self as a thought leader in your industry. That said, creating an eBook that puts forward industry-changing trends requires a lot of expert knowledge, research, and an engaging writing style. Our team of writer, researchers, designers and subject matter experts have proven their expertise in this field time and again.

Brand development is the first step of any business – its starts even before the first product rolls off the factory floor. Our veteran marketing and advertising experts will help you create your brand’s story from page one; this includes everything from your logo to your messaging to your color palette.

Emails subscribers and lists are every business’ biggest digital market asset. It’s your only direct line of communication to your customers. That said, it’s not easy to get people to open emails AND convert them into real leads. For emails campaigns to succeed, you need emails that are perfectly designed and superbly well-written to get the attention you deserve.

The virtual world is all about social now. Just dropping one-odd post once in a while is not enough to create a digital presence. You need a cohesive and centralized social strategy and execution to make sure that ALL your social media assets are in sync with your business goals.

To ensure that the brand you spent so much time, effort and money building, stays intact, it’s vital to make sure every message, design or marketing collateral is always aligned with your business. We create exhaustive style guides, guidelines, and rules that will keep your messaging on-brand in the long run.

The digital marketing arena – social, search and display – is overflowing with a lot of advertisements – some of them your competitors. Our exceptional design team experiments with the newest formats and uber-innovative styles to design your Ad to stand out from the crowd.

Adding custom tools and widgets can drive engagement AND give you a clear insight into how people are interacting with your website. With our web development expertise, we can design and install a vast variety of customized tools and widgets for your site.

Whitevox Digital Marketing services

Digital Design – Our way, Our philosophy

Our digital interactive content design intends to provide an immersive and effective experience and digital designs must work at all these levels. We leverage the best of technology and the latest trends to ensure that our clients get seamless brand recognition across the World Wide Web.

Our Principles

  • Create strong foundational design elements that can be customized for different platforms.
  • Always keep the client’s ultimate goal in mind.
  • Less is more.

Digital Design – $500 onward

Whitevox Digital Marketing services