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Paid Content Amplification Services

Get more bang for your buck

Marketing has always been a game of balancing budgets and mixing and matching channels to reach your exact audience – Digital is no different!  To complete your Digital Strategy, you will need to add a healthy dollop of paid content amplification to your Marketing mix.

A vast array of social media channels, search engine giants, bloggers and millions of individual websites makes marketing in the virtual world a complicated affair. What can be organically promoted and what should be paid for – seems like a simple question on the surface, but believe us—an effective digital marketing strategy requires hours of strategic thinking and years of experience in delivering effective content promotion service.

At WhiteVox, we use data-backed insights and detailed customer personas to drive super-targeted paid social media amplification to stretcccchhhhh your marketing budget to the last cent.

Paid Content Amplification

When it comes to paid advertising – Facebook, the biggest social channel, requires skillful handling. Why? Because the deceptively simple looking FB ads, if not optimized correctly, can quickly turn into a bottomless pit where your advertising budget will only get you lots of views, but very few actual clients or real conversions.

With its young demographics, Snapchat Ads are an excellent way to target the under 35 segment, especially teenagers. However, the platform requires native users who know exactly how to make creatives that appeal to its discerning user base – the usual slick TVC is sure to tank!

LinkedIn is where businesses showcase their brand to their peers; to leverage this professional space you need professional expertise. The tone, the language, the format – everything must be perfect. To target LinkedIn users effectively, you have to strike the correct balance between sounding business-like and conversational.

Ads that don’t look like ads get 25% more viewership! We create and collaborate with platforms to integrate ads that follow the natural form and function of the portal they reside on. Matching the visual design and user experience of the primary site allows brands to connect more organically with the viewer.

For some businesses advertising on Twitter can give fantastic ROI. If your audience hangs out on Twitter, then we can guarantee excellent results – thanks mainly due to Twitter’s fantastic targeting options!

Interactive and innovative banners on high traffic sites is a great way to get to your target demographic – especially when you have experts handling your display campaigns. We not only get you conversions but also manage large remarketing campaigns to make sure people who have shown some interest are nudged to revisit you.

The video is fast proving to be the most popular type of content online. We not only create impactful, bite-sized video content but also offer promotional campaigns to ensure that your videos become visible AND maybe even go viral.

Balancing the supply and demand side of advertising can now be used to market content as well, and we leverage our considerable experience of programmatic platforms to make your content shine.

Sure, with Pay-Per-Click advertising you only pay when someone completes a desired action, but to really unlock the benefits of PPC you need someone who knows every PPC feature like the back of his/her hand AND has long-term experience in running campaigns.

People are watching YouTube content more than TV! With the correct targeting, you can be seen by people who are watching content related to your niche.

Whitevox Digital Marketing services

Paid Amplification – Our Way, Our Philosophy

We have spent years refining our paid advertising capabilities – testing and retesting ad structures, targeting and checking it all against results. When it comes to our client’s money – there is no guesswork, only assured outcomes.

For us, the overall digital amplification strategy comes first – Owned, earned and paid media must all be leveraged equally well to get maximum reach and amplification. We know digital budgets are tight and we ensure that our clients get the best deal possible from our paid content amplification services.

Our Principles

  • Know-your-Audience is our team’s mantra.
  • Squeeze maximum exposure and reach out of every cent.
  • Be flexible and fluid – keep checking outcomes against goals and be ready to quickly adjust strategy when needed.

Selecting us for content amplification can be the best bet as our content publishing services ensure that your company is exposed to the relevant audience and gets the maximum ROI from the same.

Paid Content Amplification – $500 per month

Whitevox Digital Marketing services