Best Influencer Marketing Trends in 2018

Monika kaur 5 years ago

In 2018, influencer marketing isn’t just a social marketing fad anymore. More and more businesses are using this strategy as a very effective form of advertising. Camille Greco describes the best influencers as those“who give a human voice to brands that benefit from the authentic relationships between the influencer and its audience”. The best influencer marketing trends allow brands to engage in a non-invasive yet realistic manner with their audience. Here’s a look at some of the top influencer marketing trends in 2018.

Unique Campaigns and Tools

More and more brands are coming online and using approachable tools such as Onalytica and Buzzsumo. This means the campaign itself needs to be unique, inspired by new influencer relationships and one that uses new and different media.

Bold, Loud, and Different

With so much competition among businesses, new and innovative marketing strategies are being used by brands to differentiate their campaigns. Incorporating Q&A sessions, live webinars, using bold, loud, exciting engaging experiences are some of the ways companies stand out and gain a bigger audience.

Focus on Sales

Influencer marketing isn’t just limited to brand awareness. In 2018,it’s about conversions and business gains. By taking advantage of the growing audience,brands and businesses are now able to tap into this reality by converting them into profits and endorsements.

Brand Representatives

Brands are now maintaining long term business partnerships with influencers to adopt the role of brand ambassador and work as part of a company’s internal marketing team. This nurturing relationship means the influencer will be the brand spokesperson and representative at events or in videos.

Bigger Budget

An influencer marketing budget needs to be well planned and carefully thought out. A higher budget does not always equate to more success but it does enable brands to use multiple strategies or different tools for a better campaign experience.

Influencers Choice

Influencers are in demand and therefore have the ability to be more strategic in choosing the kind of businesses they want to work with or help grow through their personal branding and audience base. Most ad campaigns or marketing programs will be customized to suit the influencer so that they can effectively influence the target audience in a way that best suits them.

Influence on all Platforms

Building influencer marketing programs on channels such as Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube is easier said than done. Businesses know how important the role of an influencer is to expand their programs and reach out to newer audiences.

There are three definite winners that help brands convert their ad campaigns into sales and gains.

1. Videos Three quarters of Internet traffic is a result of video marketing. Videos that are engaging, fun, authentic and creative can be very effective in driving sales. Influencers collaborate with company brands to create high quality, one of a kind video content.

2. Instagram Instagram is the most effective video marketing tool today. It supports unconventional thinking and creative ideas giving influencers the perfect platform to create top notch ad content that is result oriented. Brands use Instagram to add links, to tag followers and to create stories that will enhance their brand.

3. Budget The more popular influencer marketing gets, the greater the demand for an influencer, resulting in higher value and cost of service. It is important that companies set aside a budget using which they can create the perfect campaign strategy to bring about brand awareness and sales in collaboration with the influencer.

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