Gaming Influencer Marketing: Boons of Working with a Video Game Influencer

The Content Team 2 years ago
Although video games have been around for decades, it is only in recent years that the gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds. For video game brands, gaming influencer marketing is a beneficial marketing avenue that can help them generate more revenue. It is well-known that gaming influencers have substantial fan followings ranging from thousands to millions. While the fan following size can vary from one influencer to another, voluminous amounts of data surround these gaming personalities. Digital marketing agencies can leverage content creators of the gaming world to provide closer access to a diverse spectrum of audiences, communities, subcultures, and cross-over interest groups. If we evaluate the trustworthiness of gaming influencers, it is estimated that 91% of gaming followers trust gaming influencers in India. They can be highly consequential for digital marketing agencies and good allies to partner with. But how can digital marketing companies anchorage the skillset of gaming influencers for meeting their marketing needs? Let us walk you through some case study examples in which gaming brands benefited highly from gaming influencers in terms of sales and brand awareness.

Azur Games Pre-Launch Campaign for Infinity-Ops (Destiny Warfare):

In 2018, Azur launched a Youtube influencer campaign with several gaming influencers and offered bonuses like 400 Gold to people pre-registered for the game before its launch. Gaming YouTubers reached out to their followers, explaining the game's features and benefits, and it turned out to be a tremendous success.

Bisoft Influencer Collaboration with H2O Delirious:

The partnership of mobile game developer Ubisoft with YouTuber H2O Delirious was highly successful as they made several videos of themselves playing the game. The sponsored video got 1.4 million views in a brief span.

Wildworks Collaboration with Ryan:

Ryan runs a popular Youtube channel for kids having 18 million subscribers - Ryan ToysReview. Wildworks joined hands with Ryan to promote their video game. They even used Ryan as the main character in their games. The videos spread like wildfire on Youtube and garnered 8.6 million views. Now that we know, gaming influencers have the potential to take your business to new heights. Let us learn how to find an ideal fit for your business to run fruitful campaigns.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Running A Campaign Using Gaming Influencers

  1. First, set your influencer campaign goals, including the type of gaming influencers and campaign content. Decide whether you wish to increase sales, brand awareness, or reach out to new customers in the gaming niche.
  2. Choose a suitable gaming platform for running your campaign. Twitch is the golden standard of all gaming platforms, and then comes Youtube Gaming, followed by Facebook Gaming. Contemplate which of these platforms suits best for your campaign.
  3. Then comes the part where you will need to select the most relevant gaming influencer for the campaign. Gaming influencers’ followers must be a close match to your target audience. Analyzing the audience persona, such as their age and gender, is important. You must ensure they are a worthwhile investment.
  4. The same goes with the influencers too. They are concerned about their audience too. They will collaborate with you only if your products are relevant to their followers and interest them. Be mindful of making a clear conversation with the gaming influencer on how your brand can perfectly align with their niche.
  5. Incentivize your influencer by offering their audiences free giveaways, product samples, sponsorship, etc.


Gaming influencers can significantly draw traffic and engagement to your brand. Also, there is a diversified pool of audiences in the gaming industry, so gaming companies can map their way to success in no time by following the above steps.  
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