Here’s how AI can make you a top ranker in Search Engine

The Content Team 6 years ago

Search engine optimization is a challenging game to play, with players constantly trying to outdo each other in the race to the top of search engine results. These days artificial intelligence is playing a key role in redefining the way most of us think about SEO. Here’s how you can leverage AI to win the SEO game.

AI and the Search Engine Algorithm

Traditional search engine algorithms relied heavily on search keyword density and links. As algorithms progressed technically and evolved, so did the strategies employed by any PPC company. Today’s highly complex search engines demand more than just a higher concentration of keywords and links – content has to be higher quality, links have to be legitimate, and most importantly, the content offered has to be able to engage users – without these criteria being met, you won’t see yourself anywhere near the top of search engine results. And here’s where artificial intelligence steps in. AI is all set to reinvent SEO, by leveraging big data and statistical analysis of user experience over time, to produce search engine results that come astoundingly close to what the user wanted, while at the same time feeding new learnings back into the search engine algorithm. The result: constant, on-the-fly improvement and bang-on accurate results, every time.

How to Benefit from AI and SEO

If you’re an online marketing agency looking to take advantage of AI-bettered SEO, then there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, you should know that AI focuses less on searching for keywords, and more on delivering user intent. This means that AI empowers search engines to match user needs, and then uses the experience to teach the search engine about the way humans search the Internet for information. Which means that online marketing agencies can no longer get by with stuffing keywords into meaningless content; their content must now work doubly hard to deliver on what the user is looking for, to reach the top of those search engine results. Further, AI also factors in details like location, time, date and device from which the search is being made, all in an attempt to learn what the user is really looking for. Collating these factors and coming up with a comprehensive analysis, is what the power of AI is all about.

AI and Voice Searching

If you’re a PPC company, one of the things that could work in your favor is voice searching. AI has transformed the way search results work when coupled with voice searches. For example, a voice search for a particular product will trigger the search engine to provide all the information the user needs to make an informed buying decision for that product. This is because AI has taught the search engine to focus on satisfying the customer.

It’s an exciting time to be in the business of SEO. AI is not only making waves in the way search engines operate, it is all set to rock the boat completely and force us to rethink our conventional ways of thinking.

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