How Carousel Ads Perform Best for E-commerce Business?

The Content Team 5 years ago

With an increasing number of brands following a digital-first strategy, it has become significant to utilise the best advertising platforms to drive e-commerce sales. One such powerful platform is Facebook that offers different ad types, which can be used to cater to your brand’s target audience. The two kinds that have garnered the most success are Collection and Carousel ads that perform better than others. In this blog, we are going to lay emphasis on how Carousel ads perform best for e-commerce business.

Here are a few statistics reported by Facebook that will help you understand the success metrics of these ads:

  • The Black Tux saw a 3.4X higher conversion rate with Collection and Carousel ads
  • Using both Canvas and Collection, the e-commerce subscription box retailer FabFitFun had a +80% CTR, a -14% Cost Per Acquisition and an overall +19% ROI
  • Using Facebook carousel ads, Christoff, a Brazilian T-shirt brand, had a 10X return on ad investment, a 3X lower conversion cost and 80% of website sales came via Facebook.

Why should you go for Carousel ads?

When you are an e-commerce business, you want to sell as many products as possible to your audience. This is where Carousel Ads help, since it becomes simpler to convey a unique brand story by using a range of images and videos in a single ad. What differentiates Collection and Carousel Ads is the advantage of Carousel Ads to be accessed on both mobile and desktop.

While most users today spend their time on smartphones, it is important to account for desktop users as well. With Carousel ads, users can slide through different images and then reach specific landing pages to buy products.

One more significant advantage that Carousel ads have is in the way they are created; it is extremely simple to use this feature on Facebook. It also gives advertisers the option to take their customers to specific landing pages and drive returns.

That’s not all – you can rack up social proof on ads by using them in different campaigns. Yes, these are called dark posts, where in one can select the same ad from different campaigns and ad groups. It also includes likes, comments and shares on the post.

Best Practices for Carousel ads

First and foremost, use call-to-actions to increase click-through rates. This ensures that you drive traffic to your e-commerce brand. Next, to engage your customer, use different headlines on every carousel ad. You can also call out exciting deals or offers or any other facet that will attract the user!

Besides, try and use the dark post technique to use the same ad for different campaigns, and carry over ad interactions with it. This definitely adds value to your brand on social media!

Lastly, make sure the content you use on each carousel card makes the user want to engage more and reach your landing page. It should tell a story through the use of images and text and highlight your product in the best possible manner.

Facebook Carousel ads are a great way to showcase different products to multiple segments of your target audience. Use this as a form of compelling storytelling and drive returns in no time!

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