How Slangs Can Help Promote Your Business On Social Media

Kriti Shankar 6 years ago
Needless to say that with every passing year, the dictionary is adding numerous new phrases and words that have come mostly from the “internet slang”! This one powerful word mainly refers to the internet shorthand, chatspeak or netspeak language that is used by a majority of people on the internet. QAP, YOLO, LOL, ROFL, Selfie etc. are some of the most frequently used slangs from the past few years. With the rising popularity of such slangs on the internet, people have also started using it in their daily lives increasingly. But here, the question is how such words can promote your business on the social media platform? Well, if a social media marketing company uses these slangs quite wisely, it might actually gain huge recognition within a short frame of time. Therefore, if you are also willing to boost your insights with the help of slangs, here is a list you must definitely go through:-

It gives that conversational tone to your message:

When it comes to marketing, words are the most powerful weapon for any company. That is why it is preferable to make the audience think that they are talking to a real person and not just reading a dry and boring corporate write-up. Thus, use of slangs in the posts can help you convincingly.

Understand the target audience before using slang:

The use of appropriate slang usually depends on your target audience. Just this one single point is enough to make out whether using slang for social media marketing is favorable or not. For example, a digital marketing company in India may use slang while marketing for a doughnut-making company, but not for one dealing in system hardware.

Inappropriate usage may drag you to controversies:

Excessive or irrelevant use of slangs for marketing or promotional purpose has high risks of loss. There may be chances that a majority of audiences get offended or cringed by such attempts. As social media is a huge platform, it has its own pros and cons. Therefore, a social media marketing company must know the limits of slang usage.

Use slangs within their expiry date:

Always remember that slangs have a very short lifespan. That means using an outdated slang would not be as impactful as a trending one. Using the most popular or viral slang for social media marketing in the most convincing way is no less than hitting the iron when it’s hot!

It is also helpful in boosting your Pay Per Click:

Yes, you read that right! Slang also happens to be the latest source of keywords for PPC. Your choice of slang can hugely effect your keyword optimization. However, you need to be careful while using such slangs for your PPC advertisement. Along with this, you might also require using long-tail, negative keywords, or broad/exact match. This entirely depends on your requirements as well as your budget.

Consider the platform before using slang:

The same message may portray different meanings due to a change in the platform. For example, a message including slang and hashtags would be more meaningful when posted on Twitter or Instagram, rather than the print media.

Special features on social media boost marketing:

Marketing attempts through social media gives back a faster response due to some of its special features. These special features include sharing and commenting by the audiences. Such features help in promoting maximum message delivery and social interaction.
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