How the Core Web Vitals SEO Updates Changing The Game In Digital Marketing?

The Content Team 2 years ago
In this ever-evolving world of SEO, updates are inevitable. Keeping up with the SEO updates is the only way to attain visibility on the search engine result page, regardless of the industry. Google is committed to ensuring that only accurate, relevant, and credible web page surfaces on the search engine results page. For making that possible, it rolls out frequent updates.   Some major and minor algorithm updates are introduced every year, and the year 2021 was no different. Whenever Google tweaks its algorithm, the SEO game changes slightly, and even the best strategies lose power. The search engine is that strict teacher who ensures that everyone plays by rules, and for that, it keeps changing the algorithm to demote websites that use black-hat SEO strategies. To take the SEO game to the next level, Google tweaked its Core Web Vitals algorithm in May 2021. Now, the question that arises here is how it impacts the SEO landscape?

Well, there are three core web vitals that Google uses are.

  • LCP or Largest Contentful Paint (how long does it take for the most important content element on your site to become visible?
  • FID or First Input Delay (when a user clicks something on your page, how long does it take the browser to respond?)
  • CLS or Cumulative Layout Shift (how much the layout of your page alters when it loads)
Every website has to meet these three metrics of Google’s user experience at least 75% of the time to be able to rank. To please Google’s algorithm, you need to ensure that your site is legitimate. Earlier, the measure of legitimacy was based heavily on keywords, but now with the introduction of the Core Web Vitals algorithm, legitimacy depends on the site’s usability. Keyword loses its power to user experience, but it still counts as a ranking factor.

Why is Core Web Vitals algorithm introduced?

As we all know, Google puts all its focus on improving users’ online experiences. One of the major principles they abide by is “Focus on the user, and all else will follow.” Google has introduced this update to wipe out all the low-quality webpages that aren’t useful for users.

What differences can it bring to your website?

This new algorithm update weights heavily on the user experience than any conventional metrics such as keywords, backlinks, brand awareness, etc. Google always wants to give the best experience and satisfaction to its customers, so be sure to be responsive to enhance your site performance and user experience to avoid brute forces of the algorithm from hitting you. Once your website meets Google’s Core Web Vitals criteria, you may see a 4-edges star right next to your URL on the search engine results page.

Wrapping up

The core SEO update that was rolled out in 2021 may not change the SEO landscape adversely, but it can still hit you if your website isn’t aligned with Google’s expectations. So, instead of turning a blind eye to it, work on the aspects of the user experience to stand out in the digital landscape.
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