How These Trends Are Going To Affect The Nature Of Influencer Marketing In Post COVID-19 Scenario

The Content Team 3 years ago

Indeed, Covid-19 is a very challenging period for a marketer. The market is loaded with new information and protocols due to the changing environment of COVID-19. A month back, Tik Tok saw a surge in its rating. A study by Sensor Tower suggested that 56% of the brands thought of using Tik Tok as a platform for their influencer marketing strategy.

The recent controversy surrounding Tik Tok vs YouTube has brought things back to the drawing board. For a marketer, the only positive thing that comes out of this controversy is sensitivity. Sensitivity in influencer marketing campaigns is going to be the driving force for the brands. Thinking about the people’s requirements during the pandemic is the need of the hour.

This implies that brands should create their marketing plan by building additional sensitivity around their message. Lockdown has seen a rise in the usage of social media. People are  interacting more with the content that was just likable a few days ago. This forces the brand to produce content that is authentic and tasteful.

Storytelling with Emotions

Authenticity highlights the importance of incorporating storytelling for brand activation. A good marketer is a leader of ideas and this is the reason why leading bands are working in tandem with their influencers.

The message has to be realistic and emotional. Recently, Budweiser recreated their 1999 iconic ads title ‘Whassup’, which had friends calling and checking up on each other.

The advertisement that features Rohan Joshi, Abish Mathew, Kaneez Surkha, Rahul Subramanium, and Urooj Ashfaq, Budweiser has tweaked its original script with humor and vibe to match the current times. With these influencers engaging with each other over a video call, the brand has confronted the situation and is showing people a way to adapt to this new life.

This kind of influencer marketing will continue Post-COVID as it is a better way to interact and engage your audience with the content.

Necessity over Novelty

With lockdown and imminent recession, consumers have tightened their budgets. Things like club/gym membership, unnecessary digital platform subscriptions, and even, ordering food from food chains have gone for a toss. Consumers are changing their spending habits, they are restraining their budget and this is likely to continue Post-COVID.

Their quest for necessities will overrule a marketer’s need for novelty. It is critical for a marketer to think of this situation while framing a strategy for the bizarre time. This is where influencer marketing is going to come handy. Over time, influencers have built their reputation through integrity and authenticity. Their authenticity extends to a brand they have partnered with. Consumers then feel that this brand is there to help rather than making them vulnerable.

Creators will have an Upper Hand

Like Budweiser, other brands are depending on their influencers to provide messages in a more natural way. This allows them to add a flavor of relevance and expectation that your target audience is wanting from them or you. The shift of content from product-led to engaging and entertaining puts the future of influencer marketing in favor of the influencer.

Perhaps, this change will take away a brand’s creative brief and direction. However, the balance of the relationship between influencers and brands will evolve for the better image of the product.

In a nutshell, influencer marketing is going to evolve for the good. Its influence over the audience will grow and this is something that we understand at Whitevox, we work with an array of influencers to provide an effective, custom-made, and targeted strategy for your brand.

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