Importance of AV Content in Digital Marketing

The Content Team 2 years ago
AV (audiovisual) content and digital marketing go hand-in-hand like salt and pepper. As digital marketing is saturated with video content, no wonder it has become the king of content. From video ads, visual presentations, video interviews to tutorials, AV content dominates the digital landscape and will continue to do so. Unlike text, video content is interactive, easy to digest, and entertaining, making it a promotional toolbox for digital marketers. Video content has the power to capture users’ attention within seconds, increasing traffic & engagement, which is one of the most common goals of any digital marketing campaign. Audiovisual content is a powerful medium that has brought fascinating results to digital marketers in recent years. With a sprinkle of creativity & planning, you can produce engaging video content that can help in making your marketing campaigns a big success. Creating content that can easily gain traction is important for any digital marketer, regardless of the size of the business and industry to which they are deploying the content. Owing to its benefits, around 93% of marketers use video as a marketing tool, giving them a good ROI.    

Here’re a few reasons why AV content is becoming more important than ever in digital marketing:

AV content helps convert visitors into customers

For any digital marketer, nothing is more exciting than seeing leads converting into sales. In recent years, videos have proven beneficial for running successful marketing campaigns, regardless of their category. Since vision is the most dominant sense, thus audience prefers video over text as it stimulates attention while encouraging them to take action.

Search engines rank AV content higher on SERPs

Search engines are committed to rewarding their users with informative, engaging, and credible content on the SERPs. AV content, undoubtedly, leaves a lasting impression on the people by entertaining or informing them. Around 80% of Google searches are followed by a video search; thus, harnessing the power of AV content can help you rank higher on the search engine results page.

AV content offers a good return on investment

83% of businesses say that AV content provides a good return on investment as it impacts organic performance more than any other form of content. Video production may not be the simplest job, but it is definitely worth it as it can help you bring excellent ROI.

AV content build trust

For any digital marketer, one of the main goals is to build a solid relationship with its target audience. It’s more likely that content that can evoke emotions and be showcased in a more conversational manner can help build trust among people, and the video content, undoubtedly, leads the way in doing it.

AV content boost engagement

Video content is the most popular form of content that online users prefer to consume, as it is easy to digest and entertaining. Many marketers use videos as a promotional tool to run their campaigns in engaging ways. Wrapping this up, we can say that the AV content has brought a revolutionary change in the world of digital marketing by working on many levels to build trust, engagement, and better conversions.  
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