Is your Digital Marketing Strategy Generating Leads?

The Content Team 5 years ago

The digital era has transformed the way we do business. Today, it’s essential for marketers to fulfill the demands of their clients by building a well-oiled lead generation machine.

Lead generation is broken down into different marketing activities that correspond with stages of the customer’s journey:

  • Starting with generating traffic
  • Converting visitors into leads
  • Converting those leads into customers

In fact, according to reports, a marketer’s biggest priority is converting leads into customers.

Use Content Marketing

Garner leads by becoming a subject matter expert on topics that your service or product solves. Regularly post news, blogs, and tips related to your industry. Also, produce comprehensive guides that visitors can download on your website. This helps you to gather data from people that download your guides so you enroll them into lead generation programs and keep them engaged by sharing more about your service or product.

Power Paid Social

Social media can be an influential platform for lead generation. In order to be successful at garnering leads via social media, you should invest time and effort in building an engaged audience for converting those individuals into leads. The first challenge is finding the right tool for your business. You can run paid ads campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Most internet users are active on Facebook, so around 84 percent of marketers choose to use this platform to drive traffic and generate leads.The most effective platform for lead generation is Facebook Lead Ads. This ad format enables contacts to submit their information without ever leaving the Facebook app. Lead Ads is also a great outlet for re-marketing campaigns because maximum time your website visitors will see the ad and you can use this opportunity to increase your sales funnel.

Facebook lowers acquisition cost and removes the friction, providing a much better user experience and lead generation for your business.

Optimise the Site for Local SEO

Undoubtedly, organic search is one of the most valuable long-term lead generation strategies. A wide range of factors influencing how Google will rank your website within SERPs (search engine results help you decide from where to start.

Local SEO allows your business to tap into the neighbouring community and help users find you when you are needed most. As mobile continues to rule the world, local SEO can make a huge lot of difference in driving more customers to your front door. Start by ensuring your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) is consistent on your website and within listings such as Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp. Another good idea is to ask loyal customers to leave a review or make it easy for them to review your business. Also, make sure your website Title Tag includes a main key phrase that you want to rank in your state, city, or neighbourhood (e.g., “overnight fly fishing Denver”). Give it some time, and then test your business by searching your keywords and see where you rank on the SERPs.

Leverage Email Marketing

Although it may be one of the older strategies, email marketing can be a very strong tool when trying to reach prospects or up-sell recurring customers. It is essential to adapt your email marketing strategy by tailoring your messaging to the target-specific customer database.

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