Top 5 Influencer Marketing Trends For The Year 2020!

The Content Team 4 years ago

Did you know, according to studies, 65% of influencer marketing budgets will increase in the year 2020? Probably this is why most of the renowned brands are not hesitant to spend increasingly on strategies that utilize influencers. But as we have already entered 2020, the influencer industry will keep on changing as always. We can see agencies improving drastically, brands demanding best personalities for their representation, rise of complex platforms for data and automation techniques, and several other developments with time. Since it’s quite difficult to keep up with all of them, here’s a compiled list of top influencer marketing trends that you can look forward to in 2020:-

1. Voluntary Declaration:

The Indian influencer market is assessed to be around $75-150 million a year and, in the meanwhile, is likely to increase with affordable smartphones and cheap internet. So, in order to protect the interests of fans (read consumers), the Advertising Standards Council of India has decided to frame disclosure rules and guidelines for social media influencers. This disclosure of sponsored posts will undoubtedly help users make informed decisions and protect the advertising ecosystem.

2. Long-term Influencer Relationships:

In earlier days, influencers were selected by the brands on a campaign basis, which meant their relationship did not last very long. Nevertheless, with the growth of the influencer marketing industry, more and more brands will discover as well as leverage the benefits of a long-term relationship with their influencers

3. Highly-paid Celebs Becoming Less Relevant for Influencer Campaigns:

Paying thousands of dollars to celebrity endorsers in the name of influencer campaigns will not be a norm anymore. Just because celebrity influencers have a large number of followers and get thousands of likes on each post, doesn’t mean they are actually influencing others’ decisions. You should look for an enthusiastic influencer with maybe a smaller but dedicated audience, which can offer you a better ROI.

4. Rise of New Social Platforms:

Super easy and cheaper accessibility to smartphones and mobile internet has also led to the advent of new social applications like Helo, Sharechat, Vigo, etc. while TikTok being the most popular of all. With about 500 million daily active users and consistent engagement growth, no doubt, TikTok will be the best platform for influencers to reach youngsters.

5. Finding Influencers with Similar Values:

In 2020, you must think wisely about who you partner with as your influencers must not only be reputable and respectable brand ambassadors but must also share similar values so that they connect with your audience truly. Choosing an influencer just because of a large number of followers or a beautiful face would not be a good fit for your brand anymore.

So basically, if you truly want to make the most of influencer marketing, you need to follow the latest trends in the industry. No wonder, the year 2020 is the best year to get your brand involved with the influencers and get the best value for your money!

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