Top 7 Digital PR Trends To Look Out For In 2020!

The Content Team 4 years ago

Marketing and PR in the year 2020 will be digital. As the industry is evolving every single day, it is hard to keep pace with it. There are not just several factors but also several new platforms and technologies that spring up every day and make it even more challenging. In such a scenario, it is very obvious for the industries to get confused and wonder what to expect next. To get that sorted, here are the top 7 industry trends for Digital PR this year:-

  1. Increase Measurements of Your Digital PR Efforts:

Earlier, the measurement of your Digital PR efforts used to be a tedious job. Thankfully, nowadays fetching data through insights as well as real-time data has increased our reliability and made the task easier. So, to make your campaigns more effective, the best thing you could do is utilize these measurements.

  1. Integration with Marketing:

Believe it or not, the year 2020 is the best time for the integration of public relations and marketing. There are infinite ways you can think ahead and merge your marketing and PR teams and see the positive results. Sharing your most successful earned media across paid media channels is a great example of the same.

  1. Step Up Your Storytelling Game:

The last few years were difficult for press releases. However, in the year 2020 press releases will be super effective if used sparingly and through the right channel. For example creating engaging content (guest posts, infographics, e-books, white papers, etc.) that is completely ready for getting published plays a major role in gaining media coverage and building relationships with journalists. And this is only possible when you collaborate with a professional agency. It’s needless to say that nothing can beat an agency's network for getting the word out. Besides, an agency can help devise the message, select the right influencers on social media, spread the messaging in the targeted geographies and get the desired RoI. Via cutting edge tools and technologies they often subscribe to for generating insights. So you get the bang for your buck.

  1. Change The Way You Interact With Your Target Audience:

We all have witnessed the drastic change in the way social media users engage with their timelines in the last few years. Stories have overtaken the primary feed. That is why this year you need to make sure that you focus on adapting earned and owned media content beyond the basic news feed. 2020 is more dynamic than ever before for Digital PR.

  1. Increase Your Voice Content:

Another technology that is officially taking over is none other than voice search. You have to admit that we all are obsessed with the words “Alexa” and “Ok Google”. A large number of people use this technology even for their daily news dose and gaining information. Thus, increasing your voice content through podcasts can be super helpful this year.

  1. Interpret Data:

Data would be playing a major role in the year 2020 when it comes to Digital PR. As consumers are getting more and more aware every day, your PR efforts need to be not just smarter but also engaging than ever. In-depth and precise data will have the power to change the results of your campaigns.

  1. Enhance Personalized Brand Experiences:

Observing the digital consumers’ behavior closely and boosting personalized recommendations can help you put highly-targeted ads directly before those who are more likely to buy it. No wonder the dynamic AI algorithms might sound complicated, executing it correctly can prove that innovations produce highly accurate customized recommendations.

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