What are the 7 Ways Covid-19 is Affecting Search Traffic, and How can SEOs Respond

The Content Team 3 years ago

COVID 19 – A virus that has certainly changed the world. The online search traffic is no exception.

  While many websites are experiencing an extensive surge, there are a few with a sudden dip. From an SEOs perspective, this “precarious” situation presents itself as a potential landmine that can be used for data analysis and future growth. But how exactly has COVID-19 impacted the online search traffic, and how can SEOs frame an effective response?  

A Surge in the Sale of Essentials

  The Change - Online shopping for groceries and medicines is something that has seen an apparent rise during the pandemic. People are scared to step out, and it is good to see that a vast number of the population is respecting the social distancing norms. Consequently, the uplift in the total demand has resulted in the emergence of new companies into the e-commerce business.   The Response - E-commerce SEOs can respond to the situation by analysing the query data and create separate sections for products that are in high demand.  

A Rise in the Demand for Health and Wellness Websites

  The Change - The pandemic has forced the global population into a lockdown. People dread going out even for routine health check-ups. The hospitals are already saturated with COVID-19 patients, and the doctors are treating the infected to their best effort. The scenario has increased the use of wellness websites as well as applications. People have switched to the online medium to refer to doctors and also order the prescribed medication.   The Response - The dependency of people on search engines for expert information puts forward an opportunity for marketers to disseminate relevant and accurate content.  

High Demand for Cooking Recipes

  The Change - People staying at home have turned their focus on online cooking websites to get the best possible guidance. Exciting recipes have grasped the attention of novice cooks across the world. This sudden swell in demand will stay for as long as the pandemic lingers.   The Response - Curating recipe content in a well-organized and easy to read format presents an accurate response for SEOs. Moreover, the recipe should include ingredients that are easy to acquire for the common population  

Increased Demand of Publisher Websites

  The Change – People staying indoors during the lockdown has made people look out for vents of expression to divert stress or fuel creativity. As a result, people have started writing more, and the demand for publisher websites has surged. There have been multiple instances of individuals scouting for publisher websites in order to publish their own books.   The Response – SEOs can effectively utilize the incoming data and track valuable websites. Moreover, SEOs can lend a helping hand to fix any errors on the high traffic web pages.  
E-commerce has qualified itself as a comprehensive support system in these uncertain times. The change in online traffic has provided multiple opportunities for digital marketing companies to effectively execute lucrative SEO strategies.
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