You Can Use These Digital Marketing Techniques to Change the Scope of Your Brand’s Future

The Content Team 4 years ago

Pause. Think. Change. Act.


This is the new digital marketing in a nutshell. Though not much different from the earlier version yet these terms will redefine a brand’s image in the coming days. The global economy is down, cash flow is difficult, the world has entered the phase of the global recession, and brands are devising new ways to stay relevant. 


However, the question here is, where is digital marketing in this picture?

Post-COVID, brands will have to work on improvising their digital marketing strategy. The game plan should enhance the brand’s performance while developing a strategy to gain most out of it’s paid advertising and other key campaigns. The priority for the content creators lies in creating meaningful campaigns. They should aim at enriching the customer experience by delivering an authentic and purposeful message.  


Sensitivity and sentiment

Simplicity will rule the sentiment in the future. This is the reason why bigger brands are devising new ways to influence their audience in a simple and informative way. The tone of the message will determine the sentiment of the public. 

Coca-Cola recently shared its logo on Times Square and various social media channels. The uniqueness of that logo was the spreading of its letters. This spread targeted and delivered the importance of social distancing sentiment in a very subtle yet powerful manner. 

Consumers reward brands that share their value with them. Besides, brands that use human elements to convey their social messages are more likely to be effective among the customer. 


Agility for the new future


Brands should prepare themselves for the new future. “Stay and work from home” is going to be the new normal for the upcoming generation. A report by CNC suggested that scientists have predicted some forms of social distancing will continue until 2022. This shows that COVID-19 will have an impact on the thinking ability and purchasing behavior of the consumer. As time goes on, brands or digital agencies should prepare themselves to be more agile by keeping their traditional methods aside. 


Empathy will rule the messaging game, and CMOs will have to engage with their consumers to create a human bond after this pandemic. Accurate insights from the gathered data will play a role in predicting consumer patterns and decision making. 


Build Goodwill


Ultimately, it is all about trust! Some brands are already working to increase their goodwill over sales. For instance, Nike, for a brief period, made its workout app free from subscription. This allowed the brand to increase its consumer base. The move didn’t enhance its sales, yet it increased the emotional quotient within its consumers. 


Brands are also working to tickle and provide to their consumer’s emotions. Burger King, Mcdonalds, and Starbucks are continuously trolling each other over social distancing, thereby contributing to the common goal of highlighting the need to have it during these uncertain times. 


Samsung recently created its game based on a story. It was like a video-game but was played on Instagram with the help of several landing pages, depending on the decisions made by the consumer. 


These campaigns might not garner sales, but they are feeding value to their consumer base. This, in turn, is increasing their engagement, which transcends to building goodwill and loyalty among its customers. 



How will Whitevox help?


Whitevox sports a team of creative minds. We are continually working to meet the requirements of the changing time and match it with consumer sentiment. We know how important the upcoming time is going to be. With appropriate tools and creative thinkers, we can help a brand achieve the recognition it deserves. 

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