5 Proven Ways to Get Your Content Shared More

The Content Team 1 year ago
Getting your content seen and shared with thousands of blog posts published every minute can be quite daunting. Premium content marketing services in India offered by companies like WhiteVox can help you gain traction, as the more eyeballs you reach, the higher will be your brand awareness. To garner tons of social impressions in today's highly competitive digital landscape, it is important to make content sharing-worthy. While the content is still king, it's not enough to maximize your content reach. Writing compelling content is just the first step, but you need to add more to the mix to boost its reach.  

Let's take a look at the forces behind social shares.

  Regardless of the size of your audience, content marketing services in India can take your traffic from blah to boom by incorporating a mix of high-quality content, a responsive audience, and good content promotion skills. Moreover, the content that evokes emotions in the readers also gets shared more. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, content that has an awe factor triggers people to share it with others.   Just writing your heart out will not make you stand out; you must create content that competes, captures attention, and drives audience engagement.  

We've rounded up five proven ways to boost the reach and engagement of your content


1. Craft captivating headings

  Headings decide the fate of your content as it makes the first impression on readers. No matter how well-written your content is, if the heading is not compelling, nobody will care to read or share it. Content with irresistible headlines evokes our curiosity which is why they often get more eyes and social shares. So next time you write a blog post, remember that headings are the secret sauce to earning more social shares.

2. Create content to connect, delight or inform.

  Bringing the swarm of shares becomes easy when the content connects, delights, or informs the target audience. Everybody writes, but not everything gets shared; thus, it becomes important to build an emotional connection with the readers, so they feel drawn to share it with others. Also, No amount of clever tricks will work if the content lacks substance.  

3. Make your content visually pleasing.

  Eye-catching visuals add a beauty quotient to the content as they help breathe life into the cluster of words. When it comes to making content pleasing to the eyes, segmentation methods, short paragraphs, and good fonts work wonders.  

4. Leverage the reach with a powerful partner

  As they say, alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much. The same wisdom applies to content marketing. Instead of doing all the work alone, availing of content marketing services in India can get you ahead of your competition. The content marketing specialists are well-versed with all the latest tactics and can help you fetch the best results.

5. Get the word out

  Don't dwell on possibility; get the word out. Consider adding a clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) to encourage your audience to share the content with others. Chances are good that people who appreciate your content won't mind sharing it with others, which might widen your audience base.   As the recipe to make your content go viral is 50% the content you create and 50% the way you promote it. Thus, content marketing services in India incorporate a good balance of compelling content and strategic marketing to make your content seen and shared by more people.  
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