In'vox' us!!

Mobby’s Award – The Digi-tale of WhiteVox

Rome was not built in a day.

The saying goes true for WhiteVox Digital as bagging 3 Mobby’s Award in just a year’s time was not that easy. Setting our milestones and achieving them to raise the bar continuously has become our forte. So, how did we make it? Are you buckled up to know our Digi-tale?

Achieving something big has always been on the mind of WhiteVoxians. The success story of WhiteVox Digital has revolved around 3Ds- Dedication, Determination, and Devotion. We believe that it’s only our hard work and consistent efforts that have brought us where we are today. Being a breed of enthusiastic professionals, we put our best foot forward to stand as a strong contender in the Digi-world.

We’ve worked late evenings, tackled hurdles and did everything to meet the goals on time. While we worked tirelessly, we never forgot to enjoy. We had donuts, pizza parties; danced our stress out after a long day. Well, our music system never gave up on us, so how could we?

Work is always good when you enjoy it and WhiteVox is another word for fun in every sense.

Recently, we bagged 3 awards at Mobby’s Award for Excellence in Mobile, Entertainment & Digital Technology in 3 different categories –

  • The Best Progressive Digital Marketing Agency
  • The Best Client/Agency in YouTube Marketing for Cruise Appliances
  • Best Use of Digital Media for a Social Cause Category

These awards symbolise our dedication and zeal to achieve the best. It’s probably due to this commitment and determination that we were able to win prestigious clients such as Air India Express and Kunnur Airport.

Well, this is just the beginning!